Data Requests

We provide data in comma delimited text format. To properly analyze data you will need the appropriate software programs such as (Microsoft ACCESS or Excel). Jefferson County Elections does not provide technical support.  Voters who request "Confidentiality" on their voter file will not have their information appear in any data.  

Requesting Data

  • Review the types of Data available.
  • Complete and submit your Data Request Form.  Failing to complete the information on the form could delay your request.  

Types of Data

Daily Ballot Status File 

The Daily Ballot Status File is a daily email available beginning 30 days before the election through nine days after the election. The Daily Ballot Status File lists voters in the current election and their ballot status: either ballot sent to voter or ballot returned to Jefferson County Elections Division.  This contains all eligible registered voters in Jefferson County, excluding voters who requested "Confidentiality."

Information Included:

  • Ballot Mailing Address
  • Ballot Received Date
  • Ballot Sent Date
  • County Precinct
  • The DailyMailFile<date>.txt file includes the following information:
  • Gender
  • Name
  • Party
  • Phone Number (if provided by the voter)
  • Voter ID Number
  • Year of Birth

Jefferson County Voter File

A data file is created and distributed on the last business day of every month. This contains all eligible registered voters in Jefferson County, excluding voters who requested "Confidentiality."

The following five files are included:

  • DistrictListing.pdf - Detailed listing of the Districts and their corresponding codes
  • Instructions.txt - Explains in detail what each file on the disc contains
  • JeffcoVoter text files
  • JeffcoVoter_Extract<date>.txt - Comma delimited text file of voter records
  • JeffcoVoter_History<date>.txt - Comma delimited text file of voter history
  • Layout.docx - Lists the columns for each file in the order they occur

The file includes:

  • Birth Year
  • Current Precinct
  • Gender
  • Mailing Address
  • Party Affiliation
  • Phone Number (if provided by the voter)
  • Registration Date
  • Residence Address
  • Status and Reason - Active/Inactive
  • Voter ID Number
  • Voter's Full Name
  • Voting History (last 5 election cycles)
  • Ward and District codes

Historical Information

Special request for historical information research fee:

The first half hour of research is free. The cost estimate will vary on orders requiring additional research and is based on personnel costs and project volume. Email a detailed request for information with the subject “Historical Data Request.

  • Certified Copy (In-person $1.25 / Mailed $1.25 + $2.25 delivery by mail)
  • Paper copy of Election Results ($.25 per page)


To obtain a pdf map of Jefferson County, please contact us: Jefferson County Elections or call 303-271-8111.