Title Fraud

Title fraud happens very infrequently, but it does happen. There have been a handful of reported cases of individuals filing fraudulent documents related to properties they do not own, which can create legal challenges for the true owner. Recording Notification Service (RNS) is a free service provided by the Jeffco Clerk & Recorder to help protect you from title fraud.

If a document is recorded in our office with your name, or a name that you have signed up to be notified about, an email will be sent to you. You can review the notification, and if you are concerned the document may be fraudulent, you should reach out to notify us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Click the "Sign up for alerts" button to register any name or name variations you would like to receive alerts for. Use an email address that you would like to receive alerts at.

Can I register for multiple names?

Yes. You may wish to register multiple variations of a name, up to 10 items per email address. Please be aware that you will receive notifications for any items indexed from a document that are an exact match to those registered.

What are name variations?

The service will only alert for exact matches of your name, so if your name is Jane Doe, you may wish to also register Jane L. Doe and Jane Lee Doe, as well as Jane Smith and other names you may have used previously. Similarly, variations with Jr. Sr. or other suffixes may be important. For businesses, ABC Company may also want to be registered as ABC Co or ABC LLC.

Can I register for names that are not my own?

Yes. Anyone can register any names for alerts, but registering for alerts does not give you any authority over the recorded documents for that name. You could register to monitor an elderly relative's name for example, if you suspect they may fall victim to fraud. If you receive an alert, you would then need to reach out to them directly.