Broadband Program

Broadband word cloud illustrationPurpose
To collaborate with the private sector to ensure all County homes and businesses have at least one option for affordable broadband service.

Work with the private sector through joint planning and public support for broadband projects rather than building and managing a Jefferson County public broadband network, leaving broadband to the experts who do broadband best.

Utilizing federal dollars administered through grants by the Colorado Broadband Office.

Collaboration & Partnerships
Partnering with other public sector organizations and ISPs looking to work within the County and who are open to share planning efforts and support initiatives within the County.

Project Updates
Jefferson County has been involved in a mix of projects that have already received funding, projects requesting funding this year, and future projects under development.  The maps below show the coverage and status of these areas (as of October 2023).

Jefferson County Today
Projects Currently Funded and Under Development (2023)
Proposed Projects (2024)
Projects for Future Grant Funding (2025-2028)

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