Task Forces

Joint Terrorism Task Force

The Joint Terrorism Task Force joins representatives from local, state, and federal agencies to investigate all terrorism leads, provide support for special events, and proactively identify threats that may impact the area and the nation.

Metropolitan Auto Theft Task Force (MATT)

The Metropolitan Auto Theft Task Force targets organized auto theft criminals in Jefferson County to reduce vehicle theft and insurance fraud through a statewide, cooperative law enforcement effort.

Regional Anti-Violence Enforcement Network (RAVEN)

The Regional Anti-Violence Enforcement Network joins federal, state, and local law enforcement to identify, target, and address organized gang-related groups involved in drug trafficking and/or violence.

Safe Streets Task Force

The Safe Streets Task Force combines the expertise and resources of our special agents with investigators from the Federal Protective Service; the Aurora, Denver, and Lakewood Police departments; and Colorado State Patrol to target bank robbers, fugitives, and other violent offenders.

West Metro Drug Task Force

The West Metro Drug Task Force joins our investigators with those from Golden, Lakewood, and Wheat Ridge Police departments to reduce the number of illegal drugs in the community by investigating drug trafficking and sales and illegal marijuana operations with a focus on sanctioning those who provide the drugs.