Market Area/Neighborhood Maps

Our office uses market area and neighborhood maps to ensure that property assessments are fair, accurate, and consistent. The maps help us consider factors such as location, property characteristics, and market trends when determining property values for tax purposes. 

These maps help identify the boundaries of different neighborhoods and market areas, which can impact property values. Properties located in desirable neighborhoods or market areas may have higher values than those in less desirable areas.

Market area maps can be used to identify comparable sales, also known as "comps," when determining property values. They look for properties with similar characteristics (e.g., size, location, age) that have recently sold in the same or similar market areas. The comps help establish fair and accurate property values.

We also use the maps as part of our data management to help organize property information, including property boundaries, land use, and market trends, which is essential for accurate and efficient assessment processes. Ultimately, market area and neighborhood maps help ensure that similar properties in the same or similar areas are assessed consistently and fairly.

Take a look at the market area and neighborhood maps using the following links to map PDFs: