Persons Section

The Persons Section is comprised of the Major Crimes Unit, the Crimes Against Children Unit, the Family Crimes Unit, and the Victim Services Unit.

Persons Section Units

The Major Crimes Unit investigates homicides, sexual assaults (adult victims), kidnappings, serious assault cases, robberies, missing persons, and death cases. 

The Crimes Against Children Unit investigates juvenile criminal cases, such as child abuse, sexual assaults, and internet pornography luring cases.

The Family Crimes Unit is responsible for investigating and reviewing all Domestic Violence related crimes; as well as Elder Physical Abuse, family-related Crimes Against Children cases, and family-related crimes not classified as DV, Elder, or CAC.

The Victim Services Unit provides mental and physical support and aid to victims and witnesses of criminal offenses, and crisis intervention services in cases of domestic violence, sexual assault, death investigations, crimes against the elderly, and to special populations in need of extra care.

Property Section

The Property Crimes Section Investigates general property, financial, elder abuse, and pattern crimes, and includes participation on the Auto Theft Task Force.

Property Section Units

The Property Crimes Unit investigates both residential and commercial burglaries, motor vehicle thefts, criminal trespass to motor vehicles, as well as all other property-related criminal acts.

The Financial Crimes Unit investigates economic crimes, including elder abuse and complex crimes relating to elder abuse. 

The Evidence Unit safeguard, retain, and receive all evidentiary items and items being held for safekeeping.

Special Investigations Section

The Special Investigations Section investigates situations not commonly covered by traditional methods and participates in task force operations that focus on investigating and arresting perpetrators who commit violent crimes. The Special Investigations Section also conducts concealed weapon permit and federal firearms license background checks and investigates permit violations.

Special Investigations Section Units

The Intelligence Unit investigates threats and matters of interest for community safety.  The unit is also responsible for conducting liquor enforcement compliance checks and liquor licensing investigations.

The JCSO Fugitive Unit’s mission is to identify, target, and arrest violent felons wanted on warrants issued out of Jefferson County. 

 The Child Sex-Offender Internet Investigation Unit (CHEEZO) investigates adults who use technology to lure children for sexual purposes, along with an educational and community outreach for children, teens, and adults on Technology Safety.