Forestry Land Qualification

Colorado Statutory Provisions

    " . . . A parcel of land that consists of at least forty acres, that is forest land, that is used to produce wood products that originate from the productivity of such land for the primary purpose of obtaining a monetary profit, that is subject to a forest management plan . . . " 39-1-102(1.6)(a)(II), C.R.S.


The land must be at least 40 acres with a qualifying Forest Management Plan. The sale of firewood alone does not qualify, regardless of size. The occasional removal and planting of trees does not qualify for the agricultural designation. A discussion of what constitutes "forest land" and "forest management plan" and other definitions may be found in 39-1-102, C.R.S. All forest lands eligible for agricultural land designation will be determined by the Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS).