Speed Feedback Signs

As a traffic calming tool, Jefferson County uses temporary radar signage that collects and displays a driver’s current speed. This signage informs the driver if they are travelling above the posted speed limit by flashing the display screen. Studies show that speed feedback signs can decrease overall speeds on a roadway when used as a short-term measure.


To ensure that the speed feedback signs are used in locations where they will be the most effective, the Transportation and Engineering Division will only install the signs at roadways that meet the following criteria:

  • If the roadway is classified as a local, it qualifies for speed feedback signs if the daily traffic exceeds 800 vehicles per day or if 15% of drivers exceed the posted speed limit by 10 miles per hour.
  • If the roadway is classified as a collector, it qualifies for speed feedback signs.
  • If the roadway is classified as an arterial, please contact the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office to request additional information.

Diagram of criteria for speed feedback signs by roadway classification.

Jefferson County roadway classifications can be found on the Jefferson County Major Thoroughfare Plan.


Speed feedback signs will be installed for a period of two weeks per location. Data shows the overall effectiveness of speed feedback starts to diminish with time because drivers become desensitized to the signage.


Each location is eligible for use of speed feedback signs once every 12 months. If there are multiple requests for speed feedback signs, priority is given to new locations that have not previously received the signage.

Request Temporary Speed Feedback Sign:

To request a temporary speed feedback sign in your neighborhood, submit a Request for Service using the YourJeffco app or web portal. Exact placement of the speed feedback sign will be determined by the Transportation and Engineering Division.