2023/2024 Property Valuation

Before filing your appeal, search comparable sales using this link.
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If you are a residential property owner in Jefferson County, you likely received, or will soon receive, a Notice of Value alerting you to a change in your property's assessed value in 2023. Colorado law mandates Assessors to revalue all real estate in their counties based on a specific appraisal date, which for this year was June 30, 2022. Previous valuations are disregarded, and only sales from July 1, 2020, to June 30, 2022, are considered for analysis. The NOV postcard you receive represents the new value determined from sales in that study period. 

You will likely notice a few things this year. First, property values across Colorado are up. Second, your NOV includes a tax estimate that was previously not required, and may appear higher than you expected. We understand that both of these things may seem alarming at first, and we want to provide you with the information you need and reassurance about what those values mean. To better understand your property valuation and prepare for a potential appeal, we encourage you to take advantage of our resources, including our comparable sales search tool, available on our website. We also encourage you to read the materials we have provided on this page with more information about how we calculate values, what your tax estimate means, and how to use the comparable sales search to prepare to file an appeal if you choose to do so. Our team is here to assist you and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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Review Your Property Information

With the Property Records Search, you can check your property's PIN, valuation history, sales history, and more.

Click the button below to go to the Assessor Property Records Search Application.

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Ready to file your appeal? Appeals deadline is June 8.

If you'd like to file an appeal after reviewing the information above, please choose the applicable tab for your property in the table below and follow the instructions to file.

  1. Single Family Residential
  2. Not Single Family Residential

Single family residential appeals can be filed either online or by mail. Select the filing option below that is best for you. If your property is a multi-family residential property, like an apartment building, please select the "Not Single Family Residential" tab.

Internet with solid fill

File Online

You can file a Residential Appeal Online via eGov.


File by Mail

To file by mail, complete the appeal form attached to your notice of valuation and mail it to:

Scot KersgaardMailbox with solid fill
Jefferson County Assessor
100 Jefferson County Pkwy #2500
Golden, CO 80419

Drop Off

During business hours only, Monday - Thursday, you may also drop your appeal form and notice of valuation in the drop box in the atrium of the Jefferson County Administration and Courts Facility, 100 Jefferson County Parkway.