Request Public Records

The Colorado Open Records Act is a series of laws that ensures public access to government records. You can request any documents, recordings, or other data created and maintained by Jefferson County, with some exceptions for legal or privacy purposes.

When should I submit a CORA request?

CORA requests are to get access to information that is not already publicly available. If you are in search of information such as marriage records, real estate transactions, past election results, or elections voting data, please use the Find Public Records tab below.

What kinds of CORA requests can the Jeffco Clerk & Recorder help with?

Jeffco's Clerk & Recorder office can ONLY fulfill CORA requests related to areas that fall within the Clerk & Recorder's purview, such as elections, motor vehicle, and recording. We cannot fulfill requests related to:

  • Building code, permit, or safety records
  • Divorce or other court records
  • Taxes, assessments, fines, or fees associated with properties

For those requests, please visit the county's general Public Records request page for assistance locating the information you need.

How do I submit a CORA request to the Jeffco Clerk & Recorder?

All CORA requests must be submitted in writing. Use the request form for the quickest response. Most requests will be responded to within three business days, although there are exceptions for larger requests and those made near election day. There may be a cost associated with the request depending on the time required to compile the requested documents.

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  1. Find Public Records
  2. Full CORA Policy

Transparency and accessibility are key values of the Jefferson Clerk and Recorder’s Office. As part of this commitment, our office provides access to many commonly requested categories of documents and data files through our website without the additional time or potential expense of a CORA request.

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Past Election Results

Elections Data

Please review our website and determine that the information you are seeking is not available in those online resources before submitting a CORA request.


The Clerk’s Office reserves the right to charge all fees authorized under CORA. Some of the most common fees which may apply to CORA requests are:

Type of Charge
Paper copies of documents$0.25 per page
Electronic storage device (e.g. flash drive) to produce electronic records too large to emailActual cost of device (requestors are not permitted to provide their own)
Research and retrieval of records including redaction and confidentiality review time1st hour - free
Each additional hour - $30/hr
US mail or other delivery fees for paper records or storage devicesActual postage costs (no costs for email/online delivery)

Manipulation of dataActual hourly cost of Clerk employee time
In-person review of recordsAdditional costs for supervision and aid in review by Clerk employees may apply