Temporary Election Worker Positions

There are many different roles election workers can play, from ensuring that polling places are accessible for those with disabilities to counting ballots to running a polling site. Their one commonality? Every role is best filled by someone who cares about ensuring we have safe, fair, and efficient elections.

Select a position below to learn more.

  1. Recruiting Assistant
  • Responsible for contacting by phone/email new and returning judges to fill open election positions. 
  • Must be comfortable with calling, emailing, and using multiple databases. 
  • Must be able to clearly describe positions and place judges in the “best-fit” position. 
  • This position is 95% sedentary position with heavy screen time. 
  • This position will be seasonal full-time, ~ 8hours/day.
  1. Data Entry
  1. Information Services
  1. Rovers
  1. Core Ballot Transportation
  1. Ballot Box Opening and Closing
  1. Ballot Proofing
  1. Casting
  1. UOCAVA (Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act)
  1. Signature Verification
  1. Tray Processing
  1. Tray Processing Runners
  1. Tabulation
  1. Adjudication
  1. Watcher Liaison
  1. VSPC Administrative Support 
  1. VSPC Computer Judge
  1. VSPC Floor Ballot Judge
  1. VSPC Support Judge
  1. VSPC Extra Computer Judge
  1. Election Night Only Ballot Transportation
  1. Election Night Only Check in
  1. Election Night Only Traffic Control
  1. Election Night Only Unloading
  1. Election Night Only Delivering ballot bags

Interested in being a temporary election worker with Jefferson County, complete and submit the application form.