Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I make a payment?

Credit or Debit Cards are accepted through our online payment portal, or you can mail/bring in a check/money order.

  1. Can I put a hold on a date?
  1. How much is the deposit if I decide to book?
  1. What fees are considered Social Facility Charges?
  1. Can I change the timing of my Event after I sign the contract?
  1. What is included with my reservation?
  1. Am I responsible for bringing in everything except tables and chairs?
  1. Do you have required vendors?
  1. Do you charge extra to serve alcohol?
  1. Can I have alcohol during my allotted preparation time?
  1. If I do not need the full amount of preparation time, can I start my event early?
  1. How late can my event go?
  1. Are there any noise/music restrictions?
  1. Is the Mansion and its grounds open to the public during my event?
  1. Can I have my ceremony and/or reception in the Nature Preserve?
  1. When can I schedule my rehearsal?
  1. When do I get access to my storage unit?
  1. What are your décor restrictions?
  1. Are dogs allowed?
  1. How quickly will I receive my Damage Deposit back?