Parking at the Airport

Long-term and overnight parking

Long-term/overnight parking is available in RMMA’s long-term parking lot. This lot is about 600 feet (or a three-minute walk) from the entrance to the terminal. The cost for long-term parking is $12 per day with payment via mobile phone. 


In order to pay for parking, please scan the QR code located on signs placed throughout the long-term parking lot.  If you would like to pay directly, text FLYRMMA to 25023 or scan the QR code below. Payment processing is through Text2Park and must be made on the day of. Pre-payment is not offered at this time.


Helpful information

*Create an account for future/faster use.

*Reminder, time can be extended but unused parking days are non-refundable. 



Overnight paid parking is subject to towing.

Boulder Valley Towing: 303-444-4868

Short-term, drop-off and pick-up parking

A limited number of short-term and drop-off or pick-up parking spaces are available in the paved lot adjacent to the terminal. No overnight parking is allowed in the short-term lot. Vehicles left overnight in the short-term lot, or in any other lot other than the long-term lot, are subject to towing enforcement.