Past Meeting Videos and Documents

To watch and participate in live meetings, visit the County Public Meetings page and find your meeting on the calendar for all details and links into that active meeting.

Before October 2022

For the video, visit the legacy videos meetings page. Find the year tab and meeting body, open that tab and click on the “Video” link to view the video or listen to the audio for that meeting.

Some of the agendas, minutes, meeting packets and other available documents for these meetings, will be found within the legacy videos meetings page with the video. Other documents may be found instead within the Agenda Center application.

October 2022 and Beyond

Agendas, minutes, meeting packets, videos and other available documents for these meetings can be also found within the Jeffco Meetings Portal. Find the meeting body you’re interested in within the “Past Meetings” section. Select that row to open the tab and all past meetings will show. which will reveal the documents and file types available for that meeting. Select that link to open the document.

We are currently in the process of creating a one-stop-shop for meetings information.
This will be a phased approach, so visit the Jefferson County Meeting Bodies page
if you don’t see what you’re interested in on this calendar.