Participate in a Live Meeting

If you’d like to participate in a meeting, you must join the virtual meeting platform for that meeting. Find your meeting on the event calendar (below), which will include the link to be connected to the meeting platform for that meeting (most meetings are held in WebEx, a few are in Zoom).

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To subscribe and receive notifications for any or all Jefferson County meeting bodies:

  • Go to the "NotifyMe" section of our website.
  • Once on the NotifyMe page, scroll down to the “Calendar” section and look for the meeting body you’re interested in.
  • Select email (envelope icon) or text (phone icon) notifications.
  • Follow system prompts to complete sign up!

Public Comment

No visuals are allowed to be shown during public testimony.  

Attending In-Person

  • If attending the hearing in-person, please sign up on the iPad or paper sheet available in or outside the hearing room to indicated you’d like to provide comment.
  • If you have visuals or other documentation you’d like to provide to the meeting body, you can give that to a staff member after providing your public comment.

Attending Virtually

  • If attending the meeting virtually, you must be logged in with the WebEx platform to provide public comment.
  • Use the chat box in the WebEx platform to indicate to the host of the meeting that you wish to provide comment and on what subject.

Public Testimony

  • In order to provide public testimony, you must be logged in with the WebEx platform.
  • Please register in advance to provide public testimony on the Public Testimony Registration page. All testimony, both in-person and online, will be taken in the order in which the registrations were received.
    • If you did not register in advance for public testimony, you can use the iPad or sign-up sheet in the hearing room (if attending in-person) or use the chat with the WebEx platform (if attending virtually) and you will be added to the end of the list.
  • When it is your turn, your name will be called, you will be sworn in, and you will be able to provide your testimony. Once you have provided testimony and answered any questions from the commission you can take your seat (if attending in-person) or will be muted (if attending virtually).
  • If you plan to present documents, images or a presentation during your public testimony at a hearing, please be sure to attach those to the online form when you register so that staff can assist with the presentation. If you did not register, please send these files to the case manager listed on the agenda at least 24 hours prior to the hearing.  
  • If you have any questions or issues connecting with the meeting platform, visit the Helpful Hints for Attending and Participating in a Meeting page.