About the ARPA Task Forces

After extensive community and employee input was collected, the Board of County Commissioners approved priority areas for funding use and set up corresponding task forces to begin looking at various projects needed. For each priority area, individual task forces were created in late 2021, combining county subject matter experts and department leadership.

These task forces are charged with considering a range of potential projects, which are first reviewed for initial approval by the Board of Commissioners, studying those projects’ negative and positive impacts on the community, and ensuring the project meets Federal guidelines for how ARPA funds may be spent.

See the Jefferson County ARPA Projects Dashboard for the latest on what projects have been approved and how those dollars are being used within the Jefferson County community.

About the Task Forces  

Behavioral Health

This task force is focusing on programs that impact mental and emotional well-being, development and actions that affect overall wellness, which includes mental health and substance use disorders.

County Services and Operations

This task force considers those resources required for running Jefferson County day-to-day, including such things as equipment and supplies, staff support, cyber security, and consulting services needed to administer ARPA funds within U.S. Treasury guidelines.  

Economic Recovery

This task force concentrates on funding for county infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, airport, public works equipment, wildfire prevention projects and programs, like Jeffco Wildfire Safe; broadband strategy and infrastructure investments, etc.

Food Insecurity

This task force focuses on ways to shift to a more resilient, community-centered food system to effectively meet all resident needs by building a local food system that ensures equitable access to nutritious, locally produced food that reflects cultural preferences.


This task force addresses pressing community needs such as affordable housing and emergency shelters near public transportation and “high walkability” to employment, shopping, parks and other services. A navigation center that links people to services and housing is also be researched and planned.  

Public Health & Safety

This task force concentrates on providing resources for COVID-19 supplies and support such as testing and vaccines, increased staff support, and other public health needs for residents and visitors.

Revenue Replacement

This task force studies ways that ARPA funds may help Jefferson County government with many potential expenditures, such as addressing its budget challenges and contingencies, covering the salaries and benefits of local government employees to be able to continue providing essential services to the community, and the offset of COVID-19 effects on the county’s General Fund.

Workforce Readiness

This task force explores understanding the needs of today’s workforce, increasing the talent pool available for Jeffco employers, career navigation for prospective employees, opportunities for reskilling those employees and transportation vouchers to help people get to employment, training and other opportunities.

Project Planning

As each task force begins looking at their priority areas and proposed projects, a process of working with the other task forces and obtaining County Commissioner final approval will be followed. Projects will only be approved once these actions are complete, additional funding has been explored, and the project is ready for implementation. See the Project Planning page for more on the task force procedure.

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