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Get the latest news updates and see the presentations given to the Board of County Commissioners on the process and projects for the American Rescue Plan Act dollars in Jefferson County.

  1. Jefferson County Coroner Uses ARPA Resources for Critical Updates

    Jefferson County’s Coroner is hard at work getting her team updated equipment required to meet today’s challenges for hundreds of thousands of residents and visitors. Read on...
  2. Jefferson County Finishes First ARPA-Funded Road and Bridge Project

    The Drew Hill Road Culvert Project—over Ralston Creek, some four miles northeast of Golden Gate Canyon Road—was completed May 12, 2023. Read on...
  3. Jefferson County Supports 12 Organizations with Food System Grants

    The Jefferson County Board of Commissioners recently approved $350,000 for food support. These funds are in addition to $1.7 million in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding for food security efforts in Jeffco. Read on...
  4. Jeffco Commissioners Approve American Rescue Plan Act Funding for Sheriff Staffing

    In partnership with the Sheriff’s Office, the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners approved up to $3.75 million in ARPA funding for staffing and retention in the Sheriff’s Office Detention Services Division. Read on...
  5. Jeffco Wildfire Safe Team Using ARPA Funding to Reduce Wildfire Risks, Protect Residents

    The focus of the Jeffco Wildfire Safe Team is to protect people and structures, reduce fuels, and recycle biomass across the county. And these plans are becoming a reality as one of the first approved and funded ARPA projects Jeffco is undertaking. Read on...
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