Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan

Jefferson County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (PDF)

The Jefferson County Office of Emergency Management undertook a year and a half long deliberate planning process to include socializing the concepts found within the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) to jurisdictions and agencies across the county. More than 70 planning seminars were facilitated with lead and support agencies to discuss the background, updated framework, new Emergency Operation Team model. 

The seminars allowed the opportunity for agencies to seek direct feedback and agree to the roles and responsibilities associated to specific agency capabilities, and their associated functions. The CEMP is a living document, assessed as we continue to train, exercise, and respond to emergencies or disasters. Applicable lessons learned, improvement items, and additional support annexes will be incorporated into be updated into the CEMP annually. 

This 2021 CEMP is an entirely new plan that encapsulates the county’s organizational framework throughout the life cycle of an incident, is applicable in all emergency management mission areas, and applies to all hazards. The update reflects lessons learned from previous disaster, as recent as the COVID-19 pandemic and Marshal Fire EOC activation. Its scalable framework provides congruency for all government entities and public safety operations within the geographic confines of Jefferson County. It is congruent with and incorporates the latest updates found within the National Incident Management System, the National Preparedness Goal, Colorado State statutes, as well as county and local ordinances/policies. 

The CEMP is comprised of a Base Plan and 18 associated Annexes: 

  • Agriculture & Natural Resource
  • Business & Industry
  • Communications
  • Cybersecurity
  • Damage Assessment
  • Energy & Utilities 
  • External Affairs 
  • Firefighting & EMS
  • Information & Planning
  • Logistics
  • Mass Care
  • Public Health & Medical
  • Public Works
  • Resource Management
  • Transportation
  • Wildland Fire
  • Volunteers & Donations

For more information or questions, please email the Office of Emergency Management.