Urban Forestry

2022 Urban Forest Inventory

During the summer of 2022 Jeffco residents can participate in our Urban Forest Inventory.  


Jefferson County has close to 50 square miles of urban forest within unincorporated portions of the county.  Most of the properties are privately owned.  Jeffco ISM needs to better understand the makeup of the urban forest so that we can assess potential risks and needs.


In 2022 Jeffco ISM will begin to map the trees within the suburban portions of unincorporated Jeffco.  We will focus on three invasive species that are either on the state’s noxious weed list or are being proposed to be added (Russian olive, Siberian Elm, and Tree of Heaven).  We will also be mapping Ash in an effort to develop a long-term strategy for managing the expansion of Emerald Ash Borer.

How You Can Help

Residents can report their trees through this form.  The information will be shared with local and state agencies to assess risks, develop policy, and evaluate resource needs. 

Reporting Trees

Reporting Form