Carbon Weight Loss Challenge

2022 Summer Carbon Weight Loss Challenge 

The Jefferson County Sustainability Commission held its first-ever Summer Carbon Weight Loss Challenge to track and measure the carbon reduction impact that a community can make over a two-month period when we choose to take planet-heathy choices every day. The challenge was held from June 21 to August 21, 2022. A huge thank you to Resort 2 Kindness (R2K) for making our inaugural event possible by providing financial sponsorship. Thank you also to everyone who participated. We hope you compete again in the Summer Carbon Weight Loss Challenge next year!

In the two-month period of this challenge, 39 total participants achieved:

  • a total of 8,647 kg CO2 savings
  • 571 kg of waste was diverted from landfills (that’s enough to fill more than seven 48-gallon trash bins!)
  • Saved 62.9 kL of water waste (that’s more than 16,000 gallons!)

Prize Winners
Participants earned points for each eco-action taken and recorded every day, and bonus points for uploading photos of their planet-saving efforts in action. At the conclusion of the challenge, we used the leaderboard rankings to randomly select our prizewinners. 

First Place Prize: Austin Adamson is the winner of the Ultra Light Jupiter e-bike valued at $700.
Second Place Prize: Jennifer Auld is the winner of the $250 ZERO Market Gift Certificate.

Third Place Prize
Adriana Terron is the winner of the $75 Make it Vegan gift certificate
Sarah Thorstenson is the winner of the $75 Ballmer Peak Distillery gift certificate 
Christie Ferber is the winner of the $75 Woody’s Wood Fired Pizza gift certificate 

Thank You To Our Sponsor
The Jefferson County Sustainability Commission would like to thank Resort 2 Kindness (R2K) for financially sponsoring the 2022 Summer Carbon Weight Loss Challenge prizes and JouleBug app.

About R2K
Resort 2 Kindness (R2K), is an organization started from the love of one family committed to making a difference by transforming the world through thoughtfulness, generosity and unconditional love. R2K’s founder, Elva Pellouchoud, was inspired to launch this charitable, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in 2007 in honor of her parents, Barbara and Patrick, who spent their lives demonstrating the power of giving to each of their 15 children. Since its inception, R2K has tracked acts of kindness in 14 countries and all 50 states. Learn more about R2K and ways you can keep the kindness alive at