Climate Action Plan

hexagons with water, buildings, energy supply, ecosystems, transportation, food waste.Jefferson County is developing a community-wide Climate Action Plan to address greenhouse gas emissions and help the community adapt to the effects of climate change.

The Climate Action Plan will be an action-oriented plan with goals and strategies organized into six sector areas (water, buildings, energy supply, ecosystems, transportation, and food and waste).

Jeffco is committed to an equitable planning process. All residents and stakeholders will have the opportunity to contribute during the process and the project team will work closely with community partners to ensure that the voices of Jeffco youth and other underrepresented groups are reflected in the Climate Action Plan. In addition, the project Steering Committee includes staff and community members from both Jeffco’s urban and rural communities.

Why is Climate Action Important?

Jefferson County's recently updated Hazard Mitigation Plan identified that Jeffco’s two most frequent and devastating hazards are wildfires and flooding, both of which are expected to be worsened by the rising temperatures Jeffco is already experiencing. These impacts pose a great risk to Jeffco’s infrastructure, public health, and economy. Even under a moderate 2050 climate scenario, Jeffco is expected to experience $880 million in annual flooding and fire damage. This number could increase to $1.25 billion under a more severe climate scenario. You can explore more scenarios through the Colorado Water Conservation Board’s Future Avoided Cost Explorer.

The Jeffco Climate Action Plan is intended to address these risks by developing solutions to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to rising temperatures, and to help the Jeffco community become more resilient to the hazards and risks they are already facing. Taking action will not only help Jeffco community members, but also contribute to statewide efforts to address Colorado’s climate risks

How to Get Involved

From May-September 2022, all Jeffco residents and stakeholders will be invited to complete a survey and attend virtual open houses. More information will be posted on this page at that time. If you’d like to be an outreach partner and help spread the word when these opportunities become available email [email protected].