Fully Vaccinated Facility Program

Program Overview

By verifying that 95% of the individuals (staff and patrons) in their indoor space are fully vaccinated, Approved Fully Vaccinated Facilities and Events receive an exemption to Jefferson County Public Health’s Indoor Mask Order (Public Health Order 21-006). Facilities can choose to have certain spaces or times of day designated as Fully Vaccinated to meet their individual needs. 

To participate, facilities must submit an application according to JCPH’s Approved Fully Vaccinated Facility Guidance, below.

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Required Beginning December 10, 2021: Eligibility & Application


Any business, event or organization operating in an indoor space may operate as a Fully Vaccinated Facility if they implement all of the requirements of the program as outlined below. Facilities and events subject to state or federal orders requiring face coverings regardless of vaccination status, including facilities subject to the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment Public Health Order 20-38 and the CDC Transportation Order, are not eligible for this program.

For example, a Fully Vaccinated Facility can be:

  • An entire building operating as a Fully Vaccinated Facility 24/7
  • An entire building operating as a Fully Vaccinated Facility at specific times
  • A room within a building operating Fully Vaccinated Facility 24/7 or at specific times
  • A single event within a facility

Application Steps

To become and operate as Approved Fully Vaccinated Facility or Event, the owner or operator of the indoor space must do the following:

  1. Submit an Application: JCPH will review the submitted application to make sure the below three requirements are met and follow up with requests for more information, if any.
    1. Written Policy: The facility or event must have a written policy and process requiring proof of vaccination for all individuals entering the indoor space.
      1. Checklist for Approved Fully Vaccinated Facility or Event
    2. 95% Rule: The policy results in the facility or event verifying that at least 95% of the individuals in its indoor space are fully vaccinated, including employees, staff, guests, members, visitors, children under 5, etc. 
    3. Additional Mitigation Strategies: JCPH will consider whether the facility or event, if necessary, has implemented additional mitigation strategies such as increased ventilation and air circulation, requiring distancing between members of different households, symptom screening, and/or encouraging proper hand hygiene.
  2. JCPH will either approve, approve with conditions or deny the application.
  3. Upon approval, the facility or event must post approved signs indicating proof of vaccination is required for entry. Once the facility or event implements its policy, it may start permitting individuals within the facility to remove their masks after verification of proof of vaccination for all individuals and pursuant to the approval. (Signage will be provided by JCPH upon approval of your application).

 Why Participate?

Because fully vaccinated individuals have a significantly lower risk of both transmitting and contracting COVID-19, Jefferson County Public Health is offering additional exceptions to the mask order for facilities and events that implement (and show proof of implementation) of a policy or policies that verify that 95% of all individuals within their public indoor space(s) are fully vaccinated. This is a voluntary program designed for businesses, facilities and events that choose to implement vaccine verification requirements for the indoor spaces. Jefferson County’s Approved Fully Vaccinated Facility Program is flexible. A facility or event may seek approval from JCPH in a way that meets their unique business and community needs.