Innovation Team

The Innovation Team, housed within the Business Innovation and Technology Department, partners with departments to evaluate and implement technologies that transform county services for the better. The team also champions initiatives related to citizen experience, data-driven decision-making, employee empowerment, and strategic collaboration. The team is led by the Innovation Manager, Daniel Collins.

What We Do

Business Analytics

The Business Analytics team analyzes business processes, identifies needs, recommends solutions, and quickly pilots or implements new technologies. Our analysts also manage business relationships with departments and collaborate with them on technology roadmaps.

Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence team works to make data more accessible and insightful for county decision-makers. By extracting, transforming, visualizing, and analyzing county data, they help departments make better business decisions that improve county operations and the overall citizen experience.

Resilient Jeffco

The Resilient Jeffco team leads employee-driven innovation programs at the county. This function increases employee engagement, improves business processes, and pilots new solutions. The team also designs and facilitates the Innovation Internships program.

Web Services

Web Services maintains the virtual front-door to most county services. The team upgrades our web platforms, identifies and implements new online tools, and improves the citizen digital experience.

Innovation at Jeffco - Team Photo

A few Innovation Team members on a hike: Daniel Collins, Bruck Makonnen, Marlin McDaniel, Sheri Ouellette, and Ericka Bremer