Innovation at Jeffco

The Jefferson County vision is to provide innovative, efficient, equitable, and quality services to a thriving and safe community. We strive to achieve this vision by listening to community members, continuously improving our current processes, encouraging employee creativity, and adopting new solutions.

Our Programs

Innovation & Digital Transformation Team

The Innovation & Digital Transformation Team, housed within the Business Innovation & Technology Department, partners with departments to evaluate and implement technologies that transform county services for the better. The team also champions initiatives related to citizen experience, data-driven decision-making, employee empowerment, and strategic collaboration.

Employee-Driven Innovation

Our employee-driven innovation programs increase employee engagement, cultivate future leaders, and create opportunities to pilot new business processes and technologies. The county offers an array of trainings, tools, and platforms for sharing ideas, redesigning processes, and improving services.

Innovation Fellowships

The Jefferson County Innovation Fellowship is a one-year program that equips aspiring innovators with the skills to transform government services through new technologies and solutions. It is a full-time role with a salary and health benefits that can act as a launch pad for a career in civic innovation and technology.

Innovation Internships

With our Innovation Internships program, Jefferson County cultivates a talent pool that is equipped with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to rapidly define problems, ideate, and prototype innovative solutions. We recruit local students who are curious, creative, and adaptable.

Innovations in Action

We like to celebrate and recognize the colleagues, departments, and projects that challenge the status quo and keep Innovations in Action at Jeffco.