County Property for Sale

Please check this page for any county owned properties that are currently for sale. 

Ramstetter Property

Location: 5079 State Highway 93, Golden- Between Highway 93 and 56th Avenue

Acres: Variable

Owners: Jefferson County

Contact: Kate Newman, Deputy County Manager, 303-271-8567

The county owns approximately 79 acres along Highway 93 adjacent to the city of Golden. County policy permits the sale of county-owned property when the property will not be useful or necessary for county functions. The county has determined that the southern portion of the property, approximately 25 acres, is not necessary for county functions. The county is currently exploring public uses in the northern part of the property. 

The county would like to sell a portion of the property and potentially all the property. We are seeking proposals.

About the Property

  • The property will be sold “As Is.” The property is primarily vacant, but there is a vacant house, garage and barn on the property.
  • The property is located in unincorporated Jefferson County and is zoned A-2 (PDF), allowing low density residential and agricultural uses. 
  • The property consists of three lots, Jefferson County Ownership survey recorded at Reception #2006024832 Parcels 1 and 2 and the McCormick Property shown on the survey and also found at Reception #F1015435.

Public Use Concepts

  • The city of Golden and CDOT’s WestConnect Coalition Planning and Environmental Linkages Final PEL Study Report – May 2018, identified a proposed realignment of Highway 93 across a portion of the property. The county must retain the right-of-way for this connection, and that portion of the property will not be sold. 
  • North Table Mountain public access and parking lot is to the east of the property. Alignment of the access to both would be of public benefit. 
  • The city of Golden is considering relocating its regional soccer fields. The northern portion may be an ideal site for this public use.

Overview of the Sale Process

  • If interested in purchasing the property, email Kate Newman or call 303-271-8567 
  • Attend a meeting in November for Q & A. 
  • Complete a Property Offer Sheet (this will be emailed to you after contacting Kate)
  • The county will make its selection and enter into negotiations of a purchase and sale agreement.

Images of the property are below. Click on the images to open in a new window. 

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