Prairie Dog Relocation

Jeffco Invasive Species Management oversees the process for relocations of prairie dogs within Jefferson County.  All inquiries and correspondence should be directed to our office.


Relocation From OUTSIDE Jeffco

Relocations from outside Jeffco require a Jeffco Relocation Application.  The application period varies and will be posted here.  There may be some years that conditions do not support relocations.  It is our policy to prioritize internal relocations whenever possible so opportunities for outside relocations are extremely limited.

To Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge

  • The application period is now closed.

To Land Within Jeffco (NOT including Rocky Flats Wildlife Refuge)

  • The application period is now closed.


Relocation From Within Jeffco

Relocations from within Jeffco require a CPW permit and we request that a Jeffco courtesy notice be submitted.

To Land Within Jeffco 

To Land in Another County