Wildfire Commission

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To enhance wildfire risk reduction efforts countywide.  


Members will work collaboratively to:

  • Help inform countywide policies that affect mitigation, funding, planning and zoning codes, community education, advocacy and more.
  • Provide counsel and track progress of the Jefferson County Wildfire Risk Reduction Task Force's 2020 recommendations.
  • Continue to enhance two-way communication, information sharing and coordination among stakeholders (e.g. Jeffco All-Hazard Mitigation Advisory Committee) with a focus primarily in the wildland-urban interface.
  • Leverage finite resources and explore new funding sources for public safety in high wildfire risk areas.
  • Explore promising practices, including inviting local, state and national speakers to inform how these practices may inform the county's efforts.
  • Report progress, opportunities, and challenges annually to the Board of County Commissioners.

To access the application for this board when it is available, click here to be taken to the Vacancies page.