Proposed Regulations Revisions

Jefferson County Environmental Health Services (EHS) is in the process of revising its onsite wastewater treatment system (OWTS) regulations. Documents pertaining to the revision process, such as drafts, stakeholder comments and meeting notes will be posted here.

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The drafts of the proposed changes and language will be open for public comment for a period of time. Once the comment period closes, EHS will compile the comments and post how staff responded to each comment received. The notes from the stakeholder meetings will also be posted with the corresponding draft version.

Drafts & TimelineSupporting Documents
Draft 1: Draft 1 was distributed to private citizens, staff, regulatory agencies and OWTS industry partners for comment from 11-06-2020 through 11-30-2020.

Draft 2: Draft 2 is currently in progress and will be distributed again to private citizens, staff, regulatory agencies and OWTS industry partners for comment when available. 
Draft 3: Tentative delivery date November 2021.

Draft 3 will be distributed to the Environmental Health Services Director and the Board of Health for their review and comment.

Draft 4: Tentative delivery date December 2021 – January 2022.

Per Colorado Statute and Regulation 43 (Section 43.4), local OWTS regulations shall be submitted to the Water Quality Control Division (Division) for their review. The Division is provided a preliminary review at least 30 days prior to a public hearing. Draft 4 will be provided to the Division for their review.

Draft 5: Tentative delivery date February 2022.

The Board of Health must hold a public hearing before adopting final regulations. Draft 5 shall be the final version of the regulations before adoption by the Board of Health.


Throughout this process, input from you, the stakeholders, is important. The schedule for future meetings and materials for those meetings, such as presentations or agendas, will be provided here when available.

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