Strategic Business Plan

June 21st Public Meeting - 5pm 

Please join us June 21st at 5pm for an update on the Strategic Business Plan. 

See below for more details.  

Project Background and Scope

RMMA, in consultation with an aviation consultant, is developing a strategic business plan in order to guide investment and development decisions over the next 20 years.  As the region grows, so does interest in development at RMMA.  With nearly 200 acres of aeronautical land available, there are many potential opportunities for investment at the airport. 

Currently, RMMA's investment and development decisions are guided by the 2011 Airport Master Plan, Rules and Regulations, and Minimum Standards, among other supporting documents.  The  RMMA Strategic Business Plan will aid airport administration and Jefferson County through a number of different measures, including:

  • A review and refinement of the airport's mission, vision, and goals,
  • A discussion of aviation industry trends and airport best practices,
  • Possible airside/landside development scenarios with prioritized development parcels, 
  • Recommendations for airside/landside infrastructure improvements necessary to accommodate possible development scenarios, and  
  •  A fiscal analysis of potential development scenarios and airport management practices to assist the airport in sustaining self-sufficient operations as an enterprise fund.  

Airport stakeholder engagement is an important part of this process.  There will be a project introduction on May 12th, opportunity to provide public comment on the process in mid-May, and a follow-up public meeting in summer upon the release of the draft Strategic Business Plan.  

What’s Happening Now?

Please join us virtually on June 21 at 5pm for a virtual public meeting.  Following a brief presentation from the airport’s consultant, participants in the meeting are encouraged to provide comments about the future development of RMMA. 

Please note that you must access the meeting via WebEx in order to register and provide public comment. 

WebEx access:

You may also dial in via:  +1-408-418-9388 United States Toll

Access Code: 146 668 9347 


The RMMA Strategic Business Plan survey was live from May 21 through June 11.  The results of this survey will help inform the plan by gathering input on the airport’s mission, vision and development priorities among different airport stakeholders.     

Open Comments and Questions

For questions or to provide specific comments on RMMA's Strategic Business Plan, please email Ben Miller, RMMA Senior Planner at

Recent Project Updates

May 21, 2021 Update - The Strategic Business Plan survey was launched and was live through June 11th.  

May 13, 2021 Update - The Strategic Business Plan was introduced at the May 12 Airport Advisory Board meeting.  The consultants discussed the upcoming project, including the general scope of work and plans for stakeholder engagement.  For further information, see the Strategic Business Plan Kickoff Presentation under Project Documents.  

April, 2021 Update - The Airport Advisory Board (AAB) approved the mission, vision, goals and development framework at its March 10 business meeting.  A copy of the presentation can be viewed here.    

RMMA has engaged a consulting firm to build upon the work of the AAB, conduct public engagement, and ultimately develop the strategic business plan.  

Project Documents

Strategic Business Plan Kickoff Presentation - Presented May 12, 2021

Airport Advisory Board Mission, Vision, Goals, and Development Framework

Stay Informed

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