Emergency travel

If you have urgent international travel or an emergency life-or-death situation, you may go to the Colorado Passport Agency in Aurora, Colorado, to get your passport. You must first make an appointment through the State Department's Online Passport Appointment System or by calling 1-877-487-2778.

In addition to making an appointment, please note that you will need to satisfy the following:

  • Be traveling internationally within 72 hours (three business days)
  • Be able to show printed proof of international travel (such as your flight itinerary, hotel reservation, cruise tickets, or international car insurance)
  • While you can schedule your appointment up to two weeks before your international travel, the date of your appointment itself must be within three days of your international travel. If you need a foreign visa, the date of your appointment must be within 10 business days of your travel
  • Pay the $60 fee for expedited processing