Frequently Asked Questions

Do you notarize documents?
No, we do not notarize documents.

Do I need an appointment to record a document?
No, appointments to record documents are not available at this time. To record a document, please mail it or drop it off outside of the Recording office (Suite 2560) at the Jefferson County Administration and Courts building (The Taj). Document recording fees are $13.00 for the first page, $5.00 for each additional page. Please include your document, payment, address to mail back the document, and a phone number. Mail to:      

Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder
100 Jefferson County Pkwy #2560
Golden, CO  80419

Can I obtain a marriage or civil union license at a Jeffco DMV location?
No. At this time, we are only issuing marriage and civil union licenses at our Recording office in Golden.

Do you handle matters related to trusts, estates, and wills
No. The county courts department handles probate proceedings. See their page for more information.

I paid off my house. Where is my Deed?
When you purchased your home, a Deed was recorded to transfer ownership from the seller into your name. That document is the Deed (title) to your home. The Deed of Trust (mortgage) that you paid off is separate from ownership documents. Once you have paid off your loan, the mortgage company will record a Release of Deed of Trust form with the county. Because most documents are recorded electronically, the county may not have a physical piece of paper to mail to you.

Can I obtain criminal records or documents related to judicial proceedings?
The county courts department is the custodian of criminal and judicial records. We are a different department.

Do you issue death certificates or birth certificates?
No. Death and birth certificates are obtained from the Public Health Vital Records department. See their page for application information and contact information.

Do you maintain divorce records?
No. Contact the county courts department for information on divorce proceedings or to obtain divorce records.