Other COVID-19 Funding and Resources Available

Making ends meet can be hard and everyone could use some help from time to time. You or your family or business may not have needed support before but times have changed. If you need help with food, finding a job, finding employees or other support, and are not sure where to turn, Jeffco community partners can help.

Get the information you need to find the right support for you. See the information below to find resources and contact information for Jeffco community support as well as resources from the state and other organizations.

Aging and Adult

Find information on Alzheimer's Association, Medicare and Medicaid services, senior resources lines and more. See all of the aging and adult resources available.

Children, Youth and Families

Find information on and connections to emergency child care, the Developmental Disabilities Resource Center, schools and school meal services, talking to children about COVID-19 and more. See all of the resources available for children, youth and families.


Jefferson County Community Partners are running a communications campaign called CommUNITY to promote and connect people in need in Jefferson County with community resources and assistance available amid the COVID-19 pandemic. See more on the Jeffco Community Resources web page.


Find assistance for unemployment insurance and connect to the Jeffco Workforce Center for many different services. See all of the resources available for those looking for employment.

Food Assistance

Find information and resources such as food banks, school meal service and more.

Food Access and Delivery

Get information on resources to make accessing food easier.

General Resources

Find information on and connections to many different services being provided by our community for our community. See all of the general resources available.

Health Access

Connect to health resources and clinics for different ages and different needs.

Housing Assistance

Get information and assistance on housing and rental assistance.

Mental Health

See many resources for yourself or a loved one around mental health.

Pregnant Women, Infants and Children

Many resources and support for lactation, nutrition and more.

Help Your Community

See ways community members can donate or help others.

Small Business Navigator COVID-19 Support Line

The Small Business Navigator can direct you to resources and answer questions about COVID-19 specific funding. Hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, by phone (303-860-5881) or email.

Small Business Administration Assistance

The Small Business Administration (SBA) provides a list of available resources to assist businesses. See our Grants, Loans and Resources page within the Business and Workforce Center website for all the latest information.

State of Colorado

The State of Colorado has compiled a list of available business and non-profit resources related to the ongoing COVID-19 emergency.