Five-Star Certification Program

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Jeffco Five-Star Certification Program Suspended

On Tuesday, April 13, Jefferson County Public Health issued a new public health order (PHO 21-001) to help guide the county through the recovery phase of the COVID-19 pandemic and into a full reopening. The order was issued in anticipation of the State of Colorado dissolving Executive Order PHO 20-36 and the Dial 3.0 this week.

With PHO 21-001 (the Simplified Dial), the county’s Five-Star Certification Program for businesses will be suspended as of Friday, April 16. All businesses in Jefferson County, including those certified under the program, may operate at 100 percent capacity. See the FAQs on this simplified Dial. If at any point Jeffco has to return to a higher Dial Level, Five-Star businesses would be permitted to operate at one level lower on the Dial.

Information below was the last information as provided before program was suspended...

With an increase in the COVID-19 case incidence rate, test positivity rate and hospitalizations in Jeffco, CDPHE is moving Jeffco to Level Yellow, effective Friday, April 9 at 6:00 a.m. Jefferson County community members and businesses must follow the more restrictive Level Yellow requirements and capacity limits per CDPHE’s Tenth Amended Public Health Order 20-36.

Under Level Yellow, businesses certified in the Jefferson County Five-Star Certification program can operate under Level Blue restrictions.

See our Jefferson County Operating Requirements page for further details on operating requirements for each type of business at each level under the new Dial 3.0 framework. Eligibility criteria for certification in the Five-Star Program is set by CDPHE. You can also view the latest CDPHE Report Card for Jefferson County for the latest on our metrics.

Even in light of these COVID-19 Dial changes and the number of vaccinations being provided, the community, from individuals to businesses, is being asked to continue to follow guidance on disease prevention steps such as wearing a face mask, not gathering with those outside your household, staying at home when possible, maintaining social distance and washing hands frequently so that we can continue to operate at these levels.

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Jeffco Program Information

Jefferson County has opened Five-Star Certification to all restaurants (with or without drive-throughs), personal services, and gyms and fitness centers. We are working to open applications as soon as possible for indoor event centers and general businesses. Any restaurant that is participating in the Five-Star program that offers on-site dining must meet all requirements of the program for restaurants. Food that is delivered through a drive-through window should be treated the same as curbside delivery.

All businesses that would like to be part of the Five-Star Certification Program must create a detailed plan on how they will enact the state-issued program guidelines and go through the application process which will follow these steps:

  • Download, complete and save a copy of the Five-Star Application and Business Implementation and Compliance Plan for your type of business, which includes a checklist confirming your compliance with the elevated best practices and criteria for the program.
    • Application Types: (program is currently suspended, so applications are not active)
      • Personal Service Application and Business Implementation and Compliance Plan 
      • Gym and Fitness Center Application and Business Implementation and Compliance Plan
      • Restaurant Application and Business Implementation and Compliance Plan 
    • We have prepared instructions on how to submit your application – please read these carefully and keep them available as you prepare your application
    • You can also view the sample application so you can better understand the level of detail needed on your application. While the sample application uses the restaurant application template, it may be used by all businesses to demonstrate the quality of answers required on their applications.  
    • Those businesses that filled out a Business Interest Form have already been contacted by Jeffco staff and invited to apply to initiate inspections at those businesses. 
  • Once your application has been reviewed and approved, you will be contacted about scheduling an inspection. 
    • The inspection and certification process will be implemented by the county’s third-party vendor, SAFEbuilt, with oversight from the Five-Star Certification Program Administrative Committee.
    • SAFEbuilt will also be responsible for reinspection and enforcement of the program requirements.
    • If you pass the inspection you will be issued a permit to post in your window and begin operating at the approved level.

General Program Information

The State of Colorado’s 5-Star Certified Business Variance Program allows businesses to expand operations by implementing safety measures beyond what is already required by public health orders and guidelines to help slow the spread of COVID-19. This program is designed for responsible businesses that are following public health guidance and going above and beyond to prioritize the health and safety of their staff and customers.

This program is voluntary and businesses may choose not to be certified, however, only those businesses obtaining certification are authorized to operate with expanded capacity. Under the State’s requirements, businesses will be ineligible if they received either a Notice of Violation of the public health orders from Jefferson County Public Health since December 16, 2020 or if they have received two total Notices of Violation in general. Certified businesses will be subject to ongoing inspections as part of the program.

This variance from the state falls under the direction of the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners, and will be administered in partnership by the county, Jefferson County Public Health, Jefferson County municipalities, as well as the chambers and economic development groups within Jeffco. 

The criteria for the program has been outlined by CDPHE and includes mandatory mask enforcement, social distancing, regular sanitation, employee symptom and exposure checks, and more. A business-specific plan for outbreak detection, reporting and response would need to be included as well. There are resources available from CDPHE for these requirements. 

NOTE: This program is free for all businesses. There are no fees associated with initial application, inspection or certification.