During business hours, Animal Control Officers will respond to calls for service regarding wildlife when any of the following conditions are reported:

  • a bat is inside of the living quarters of a residence; or
  • a wild, non-game animal needs to be relocated from somewhere like a window well; or
  • a wild animal is inside of the living quarters of a residence1 (and won’t leave on its own, such as by leaving a door open); or
  • a wild, non-game animal is sick or injured, to the point that its quality of life or mobility has deteriorated, and/or it is creating an immediate threat to public health or safety; and
  • the animal is readily accessible to the officer, without risk of injury to the officer, damage to private property, entry into a confined space (attic, crawlspace, etc.) or the use of a ladder

Jefferson County Animal Control Officers do not handle nuisance wildlife2 problems or rodent issues (mice, rats, etc.); however, there are many resources available, nonprofit and for-profit, to manage the situation. Additionally, Animal Control Officers do not handle any calls involving large game, such as elk and deer.

1Inside the living quarters of a residence means that the wild animal has obtained entry inside the areas of a residence where people live, eat, sleep, etc. This excludes garages, sheds, attics, crawl spaces, areas under porches and decks, and any other area not normally considered to be where people live. Additionally, any services provided on private property are provided as a courtesy; Animal Control reserves the right to refuse assistance for wildlife issues that have occurred repeatedly, at which point the property owner is responsible to hire a nuisance wildlife service (at their own expense) to mitigate the problem.

2Nuisance Wildlife is defined as threatening livestock, destroying property, creating a health or safety hazard or wildlife that remains after all methods of exclusion, habitat modification, and removal of attractants have failed.


Animal control does not endorse any particular service or company and strongly recommends that consumers check references, insurance/bonding, and humane practices before hiring any company.

  • Animal Damage Control: 303-884-9100
  • Urban Wildlife Rescue: 303-340-4911
  • Acorn Wildlife Control: 303-979-0900
  • AGD Varmint Control: 303-748-8879
  • All American Wildlife Damage Specialist: 303-840-7743
  • A All Animal Control of Denver: 303-452-2113
  • Animal and Pest Control Specialist: 303-987-0842
  • Critter Control: 303-274-8837
  • Urban Wildlife Services: 303-588-1869
  • Colorado Parks and Wildlife: 303-291-7227 (after hours, dial *277 on your cell phone)

Wildlife Emergencies on Roadways

  • On County Roads
    Jefferson County Road and Bridge
    Phone: 303-271-5200
  • State Highways
    Colorado State Highway Department
    Phone: 303-757-9514

Dead Animal Removal

Animal Control often removes stray, dead wildlife from the road or residential / commercial property as a courtesy to citizens if the wildlife weighs less than 100 pounds. If reaching the dead wildlife is deemed unsafe or otherwise prohibitive, officers will not attempt to remove it.

For large dead wildlife removal contact the Colorado State Patrol at 303-239-4501.

Nuisance Wildlife

For information on laws pertaining to controlling, removing, and relocating wildlife on your property download the Nuisance Wildlife laws brochure from Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

For control and or removal of bees and wasps please refer to your telephone directory to find a pest-control service.

Bears & Mountain Lions

As Colorado's human population continues to grow, there are more people living and recreating in bear and mountain lion country. The potential for conflict will inevitably rise, but there are actions humans can take to mitigate break-ins, conflict or run-ins on the trail. Below are links to some videos provided by our partners at Colorado Parks and Wildlife:

Livestock Removal

In unincorporated Jefferson County, loose livestock should be reported to animal control at 303-271-5070 or to the Sheriff's Office directly at 303-277-0211. If possible, loose livestock will be safely confined to a pasture or enclosure and the Colorado State Brand Inspector will be contacted. The state brand commissioners are responsible for handling estrays. The Colorado State Brand Inspector may be reached at 303-869-9160.