Mixed Use Policies Update

Jefferson County Planning & Zoning is updating the Mixed Use Policies in the Comprehensive Master Plan. As a part of that update, staff is looking closely at four Activity Centers to see if additional uses should be included. Activity Centers are areas where a mix of more intense land uses occur. Typical uses may include two or more of the following uses: office, light industrial, retail, entertainment, higher density residential, community uses, and public and private open space. The four Activity Centers chosen for review include:

  • South Golden Road Corridor
  • Fehringer Ranch Activity Center near US Hwy 285 and South Simms Street
  • C-470 and Bowles Activity Center
  • Ken-Caryl Activity Center south of C-470 and West of South Kipling Parkway

Staff developed four separate surveys (one for each area), and participants were able to take just one survey or all four. While the questions may be similar, each survey was specifically designed for the individual Activity Center. The surveys asked participants to rate photos of different types of uses and styles of buildings. The surveys were open from December 1, 2020 to January 11, 2021.

Staff will use the results of the survey to determine whether uses should be added to the Activity Center land use recommendations and to create design guidelines specific to each Activity Center with the goal of creating distinct characters for these areas. Staff encouraged property owners, business owners, and residents that use the Activity Centers to take the surveys.

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