Mixed Use Policies Update

Jefferson County Planning & Zoning is updating the Mixed Use Policies in the Comprehensive Master Plan (CMP). In December 2020, staff sent out a visual preference survey to gauge what types of Plan changes may be needed. The results were used to create proposed changes to both land use recommendations and policies. The first survey results and a second survey to obtain comments about the proposed changes are now available at the bottom of this page. 

The goals of the Mixed Use Policy project are to review the existing policies in the Comprehensive Master Plan and to review all Activity Centers for areas where modifications to the land use recommendations may be advantageous to the area. Activity Centers are areas of more intense uses and therefore, make the most sense to be the areas where mixed use is promoted. If an Activity Center is redeveloped with a mix of uses, there is the potential that the neighborhood surrounding those centers will benefit from a more livable area in the future. Goods and services in close proximity to homes can save residents money and time. Communities that contain a variety of uses create neighborhoods that provide residents with multiple options of transportation such as, walking, bicycling and mass transit use, which improves health and air quality by increasing physical activity and reducing vehicle trips and emissions. Additionally, localized neighborhood centers with a variety of uses provide needed services and amenities close to home.  

Staff evaluated all Activity Centers in the unincorporated portions of the County and decided to concentrate on four Activity Centers. Those four centers include: 

  • C-470 and Bowles Activity Center 
  • Proposed Deer Creek Activity Center (Portion of the Ken-Caryl Activity Center south of C-470 near S Kipling Pkwy)
  • Fehringer Ranch Activity Center near US Hwy 285 and S Simms St 
  • South Golden Road Corridor 

In December of 2020, staff sent out a survey regarding those four activity centers. The survey requested community input on uses and design of buildings to guide staff when developing potential changes to those areas. A total of 830 responses were received to all four Activity Center surveys. Survey results yielded several common themes. 

Broad Summary of Survey Results:

  • Maintaining view corridors to the hogback and mountains.
  • Preferring specific architectural styles including industrial or rustic farmhouse, mountain rustic, mountain modern and craftsman styles.
  • Coordinating both vehicular and non-vehicular transportation within the Centers.
  • Buffering existing residential developments through landscaping or open space. 
  • Adding uses that promote interaction between community members.  

Full Survey Results:

Second Survey

Using the results of the first survey, staff created a second survey to present and get comments on the proposed land use recommendation and policy changes to the Activity Centers and general Mixed Use policies. The survey contained maps and policy changes and two questions for each Center and for the general policies. The survey was open from December 2021 through January 2022 and the results will be available here soon.

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