Meet With a Career Coach

Job and Career Search Assistance and Tips

Finding your next job and career is important. Our Career Coaches have several resources they use to help you find your next job or career. Career Coaches can connect you to a variety of resources. Discover more about how they can help you and schedule a one-on-one consultation

Resume Assistance & Review

A resume showcases your work experience and talent. Career Coaches can help you create an amazing resume. If you already have a resume, a specialist is readily available to review it and provide tips to make it even better.

Cover Letter Assistance & Review

A cover letter can be included with a resume and is another way to stand out from other job applicants. Our Career Coaches can review your cover letter and offer assistance on how to get started writing a letter.

Practice Interview

Before you go on an official job interview with an employer, you should practice what you will say. Our Career Coaches help you prepare by pretending to be the hiring manager and asking you questions. It is a great way to refine your interview skills.

General Unemployment Questions

Our Career Coaches do not distribute unemployment benefits or have access to your unemployment benefit claim. However, they can answer general questions related to applying for unemployment and what to do if you have trouble receiving your benefits.

Lay-off and Termination Guidance

Being laid off or let go from a job is difficult. Consult with one of our Career Coaches to learn about your rights and what unemployment services are available.

Financial Aid

Pell grants, human services, education opportunity center and additional resources may be available. Please contact a Career Coach for more information.

Job Application Tips

  • Read instructions and answer questions carefully and completely
  • Fill out the application accurately
  • Tell the truth – most employers will run a background check
  • Make sure your skills match the requirements of the position
  • Spell check and use proper language
For more tips and tricks, consult with one of our Career Coaches.

Equal Opportunity

Business & Workforce Center, a proud partner of the American Job Center Network, is an equal opportunity program; auxiliary services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. This program is funded by U.S. Department of Labor and the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.