Celebrating Holidays with COVID-19 in Our Lives

As many people begin to plan for fall and winter holiday celebrations, JCPH offers guidance to help protect individuals, their families, friends and communities from COVID-19. This page will be updated with additional guidance as it becomes available.

Halloween & Dia de los Muertos

With Halloween right around the corner, many families are wondering how it will look in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. As you sort out your Halloween activities this year, it’s important to make a plan for your family that keeps everyone as safe as possible. Here are some tips and ideas for fun ways to make trick-or-treating, handing out candy and staying in safer. Remember that some activities pose more risk than others — check out guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment for more information.

Download a PDF tip sheet with this information in English or Spanish (en Español)


If You're Trick-or-Treating or Attending Activities:

  • Make a cloth face mask part of your family’s costumes. Remind your kids to avoid touching their mask.
  • Take hand sanitizer with you and use it frequently.
  • If you’re going in a group, keep the group small and make a limit of how many houses you’ll visit. Consider going with another family you’re already spending time with, or only go to homes of those who are already in your social circle. Make it fun by making a treasure map of the houses you plan to visit for candy! 
  • Always stay outside — don’t go inside other homes to get your treats. 
  • Stay at least six feet away from other people not in your group.
  • Before eating Halloween candy, go through it to make sure everything is sealed, and throw away anything that has been opened. Wash your hands before and after eating candy.
  • Go on a drive-by parade to visit friends and family to show off your costumes. 
  • Avoid indoor trick-or-treating settings or events that typically draw larger crowds where it could be hard to physically distance, such as Trick-or-Treat Streets. 
  • If you’re going to Halloween activities, like farms, pumpkin patches or corn mazes, call ahead to check their COVID-19 precautions before you go.

If You're Handing Out Candy:

  • Wear a mask — it can be part of a costume or not, but either way it will make everyone feel safer! 
  • Avoid contact as much as possible. For example, put out individual treat bags at the end of your driveway or yard's edge that are easy to grab so kids don’t have to rummage through candy bowls. You can also use a mug to scoop candy to avoid touching, or put out a tray with candy that is sanitized between groups. Wash your hands before and after preparing treat bags or trays.  
  • Greet trick-or-treaters from at least six feet away. Use tape to mark six foot spots for families to stand in while picking up their candy.
  • Only use pre-packaged candy — this is always a good precaution for Halloween and especially important this year!

If You're Staying in:  

  • Talk with your family about what your plan is for Halloween and how this year will look a little different.
  • Transform your back yard or home into a Halloween wonderland. Hide candy all around for a treasure hunt and decorate different areas/rooms into Halloween themes or games. Use decorating as a way to get the whole family involved! 
  • Host a virtual Halloween celebration, like a pumpkin carving contest or trivia night.
  • Play Halloween games or watch spooky movies as a family.  
  • Make a Halloween-themed dinner or special dessert.
  • Work together to make a Halloween playlist that you can jam to all month long!
  • If you invite others who do not live in your home over, keep it small and with people with whom you already spend time.