Surrounding Region

In the past 30 years (1990-2019), airport operations have increased about 35 percent while the population of the five towns located under RMMA’s airspace has increased 68 percent.  

Superior has increased more than 5,000% in the same time period, from 255 residents to 13,087 residents, many of whose homes were built under the extended centerline of the primary runways.    

Through the years, RMMA has expressed concerns about residential encroachment when notified of proposed development nearby. RMMA continues to request that prospective homebuyers and tenants be made aware of the airport’s location and typical flight patterns overhead. 

Growth of RMMA and Surrounding Community Residents

1970     1980 1990    2000    2010  2019  % increase 1990-2019
Arvada49,844 84,57689,235  102,153 106,433 121,272  36%
Broomfield7,26120,730 24,63838,272 55,889 70,465186%
Louisville2,4095,59312.36118,93718,37620,816 68%
Superior 1712082559,01112,48313,0875032%
Westminster19,51250,21174,625100,940 106,114113,16652%
Operations 163,048142,341172,460 120,363191,533 


According to the latest CDOT Aeronautics Economic Impact Study (2020), RMMA provides:

  • More than 3,000 jobs totaling $190 million in annual payroll (averages $63,333 salary per job).
  • More than $700 million in annual business revenues to the region.
  • Approximately $27 billion in indirect annual economic value.

Report Noise

If you have been affected by Rocky Mountain Metro Airport noise, you may file a noise complaint by completing our Noise Complaint Form or call the noise complaint line at 303-271-4874. 

You may also want to review the FAA’s page on regional aircraft noise.