Local Public Health Orders

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This page provides a listing of public health orders issued by Jefferson County Public Health. See a listing of statewide public health orders and executive orders on the State of Colorado website. If you are looking for information about the simplified Dial effective beginning April 16, see our Dial Status page .

Date IssuedOrderExpiration
4/22/2021PHO 21-001 - Simplified COVID-19 Dial (First Amended)Effective April 22, 2021-August 15, 2021

Past/Expired Orders

Date IssuedOrderExpiration
PHO 20-008 Requiring Masks Indoors (Second Amended)
Rescinded 5/15/2021
PHO 20-008 Requiring Masks Indoors (First Amended)
No longer effective due to Second Amended PHO 20-008
PHO 21-001 - Simplified COVID-19 Dial
No longer effective due to First Amended PHO 21-001
Fourth Amended JCPH PHO 20-009 Limiting Gatherings
1/1/2021Third Amended JCPH Order 20-009 Limiting Gatherings - Rescinding Order 20-007 
No longer effective as of 2/1/2021 due to Fourth Amended PHO 20-009
10/29/2020PHO 20-009 Limiting Gatherings & Alcohol Sales for COVID-19 Mitigation (Second Amended)
No longer effective as of 12/31/20 due to Third Amended Order 20-009
7/24/2020PHO 20-008 Requiring Masks Outdoors When 6 ft. Cannot be Maintained
No longer effective as of 4/5/2021 due to First Amended PHO 20-008
PHO 20-007 Requiring Approval of Large Event Plans (Third Extension)
No longer effective as of 10/30/20 due to PHO 20-009
7/14/2020PHO 20-005 Requiring Jeffco Residents to Wear Face CoveringsRescinded via PHO 20-006 as the State of Colorado issued EO D 2020 138, which applies to Jefferson County
5/26/2020PHO 20-004 Adopting State's Safer-at-Home OrderExpired
4/29/2020PHO 20-003 Limiting P-12 School Access and Prohibiting P-12 SportsRescinded
3/25/2020PHO 20-002 Stay-at-Home OrderRescinded as CDPHE issued a Stay-at-Home Order that applied to Jefferson County
3/18/2020PHO 20-001 Closing Restaurants, Bars in Jeffco