Community Noise Roundtable


Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport (RMMA) has been owned and operated by Jefferson County since 1960, and the airport has grown along with the surrounding region. Recently, flight operations have recovered to levels last seen in the early 2000s and, prior to that, the 1970s.  As a public-use airport operating in an urban environment, aircraft operations create noise impacts to areas surrounding the airport.  aerial view of air traffic

Community Noise Roundtable

The purpose of the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport Community Noise Roundtable is to provide for and promote a regional, coordinated approach to collaborate on and address the noise impacts to the community surrounding the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport. RMMACNR is a voluntary association of the Airport, neighboring communities, federal and state agencies and airport users created to collaboratively identify solutions to address community concerns regarding airport noise impacts surrounding Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport. In a non-adversarial and collaborative open forum, RMMACNR seeks to:

  • Identify the dimension of noise issues, discover possible mitigation actions, find opportunities for implementation of mitigation measures, and evaluate the effectiveness of the mitigation measures;
  • Share up-to-date data in order to identify potential voluntary noise reduction opportunities;
  • Identify potential operational changes to the Airport that would require federal approval;
  • Build consensus around recommendations for noise reduction measures, whether voluntary or mandatory (understanding that mandatory measures require FAA approval);
  • Review available data regarding noise reduction measures; and
  • Review Airport development plans, operational changes and surrounding community development plans for associated noise impacts.

What Has Already Been Done

  • Through 2021/2022, the RMMACNR focused on understanding the issues and regulations pertaining to RMMA airport and aircraft operations
  • To review previous meeting materials, visit the CNR Meetings page and topics are sorted by month
  • The FAQ and Resources tabs below also provide background information relevant to both the RMMACNR and the public
  • RMMA always encourages pilots to fly quietly to the extent possible consistent with flight safety and the federal preemption of airspace
  • RMMA published revised voluntary noise abatement procedures in late 2019

More Information

  1. FAQs
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