Fixed Hardware

All new hardware on JCOS managed land is required to be permitted (link to application below). The application will first be vetted by the citizen based Fixed Hardware Review Committee (FHRC), and then a recommendation will be given to the JCOS Climbing Committee for final approval or denial. Please review the list of approved crags below. Depending on whether your proposed route is on an approved, existing crag as defined by the list below; or on a new or unapproved formation, please select the appropriate response within the application.

The list of approved crags has taken into consideration numerous factors including: the possibility for expansion, appropriate parking capacity, and environmental considerations. Areas that are not on this list will still be considered (unless previously denied) but may require a long term assessment taking an extended duration of time. The applicant will be notified of progress, but please be patient as this assessment is conducted.

Fixed Hardware Application

Climbers ascend a rock face at Canal Zone climbing area in Clear Creek Canyon Park
Climbers ascend a rock face at Canal Zone climbing area in Clear Creek Canyon Park

List of Approved Crags by Park

Clear Creek Canyon
  • 268 Wall
  • A Little Piece of South Dakota
  • Anarchy Wall
  • Back of the 90's
  • Bionic Crag
  • Canal Zone
  • Capitalist Crag
  • Cool Thing Wall/Kool Krag
  • Death Rock
  • East Side of Tunnel 1
  • Elk Creek/Law Wall at Elk Creek
  • Flakes Wall
  • Flood Wall
  • Ghost Crag
  • High Profile Wall
  • High Wire Crag
  • High Wire North
  • Higher Wire
  • Independence Day Wall 
  • Irok
  • Jerky Boulder
  • Labyrinth
  • Left Wire
  • Little Eiger
  • Low Spark of High Wire Crag
  • Low Wire
  • Lower Capitalist Crag
  • Merlin 
  • New Crag
  • New Economy Cliff
  • New Hipster Rock
  • Nightworm Pinnacle
  • Piledriver
  • Point Break
  • Postcolonial Crag
  • Prestige Worldwide Wall
  • Punk Rock
  • Rainy Day Rock
  • Rapids Rock
  • Real Hidden Valley
  • Rebel Wall
  • River Wall
  • Sex Cave / Pete's Wicked Cave
  • Shark's Fin
  • Shield
  • The Garden Wall / Tetanus Garden
  • The Highlands / Highlander
  • The Mission Wall
  • The Monkey House
  • The New River Wall
  • The Red Slab
  • The Sports Wall
  • The Twilight Zone
  • Twitch Rock
  • Upper Capitalist Crag
  • Upper Wall
  • Wall of Justice
  • Wall of the 90's
  • Wanna Be Wall
Windy Saddle Park
  • Lookout Mountain Crag / Car Crash Crag / Crashed Car Crag
  • Tiers of Zion
North Table Mountain
  • 12 Pack Wall 
  • Brown Cloud Rocks
  • Child Free Zone
  • Industrial Buttress
  • Overhang Area
  • Risk Area
  • MBA Buttress
  • Overhang Area
  • Risk Area
  • Table Top Area
  • The Hot Spot Area
  • Trad Lands
  • Twelve Pack Wall
  • Winter Warmer Area
  • Winterfest Wall
  • Crater Crag
  • Pinnacle 
  • Sea Cliffs
  • East Quarry
  • East Bluffs of the East Quarry (The Wharf)