Landowner Responsibility

Colorado's landowners have a responsibility to control noxious weeds on their property.  The level of control is required by which of Colorado's list the weed is on.  Visit the State Department of Agriculture’s Noxious Weed program’s site for more information. 

Inquiries and Complaints

Jeffco ISM’s authority is limited to private, county, and state-owned lands within the unincorporated areas of the county. Our office does not have legal authority within municipalities or on federal lands. 

For complaints about property within city-limits, contact that city’s code enforcement department.

  • Inquiries about urban properties 1 acre or less in unincorporated Jeffco, need to be directed to the Jeffco Planning and Zoning Department who will handle inquiries and complaints. 
  • For properties over 1 acre, if there are List A or List B noxious weeds affecting natural or agricultural lands then Jeffco ISM may respond.  If our office receives an inquiry or observes List A or B noxious weeds on someone’s property, we will attempt to contact the owner to provide them with information to help them identify and control their noxious weeds. 

If the owner fails to manage their weeds, there is an official complaint process.  In Jeffco, we may accept official written complaints from adjacent property owners for List A and B noxious weeds on properties 1 acre or more that are impacting natural or agricultural lands.  Our office will evaluate the complaint and at our discretion, we may undertake an enforcement action.  Enforcement actions must follow the process laid out in the Weed Law (CRS 35-5.5-108.5 and 109).

Whenever possible, we encourage people with concerns to first contact the owner of the property that has weeds before making a report.