Four-Day Business Week


Four-Day Business Week Changes Office Hours

Jefferson County will transitioned to a four-day business week, June 1, 2020. Many offices are closed to the public on Fridays and most employees will work four 10-hour days instead of five 8-hour days.

As a result of the transition to the four-day business week, some county offices and departments changed their hours during the days they are open. Please check with Departments, Divisions and Elected Offices to verify hours before visiting. 

Additionally, many offices have services that may be conducted online at your convenience. See a list of those on the Online Services web page.

Not All County Offices Will be Impacted

Not all county offices will be impacted by the switch to a four-day business week: 

  • Sheriff’s Office – there will be no change to how law enforcement activities are conducted.
  • Courts and those employees associated with the courts:
    • The courts side of the Administration and Courts Facility, run by the First Judicial District, will continue to operate as usual. For details on hours or operations, see the First Judicial District Branch website.
    • The District Attorney’s Office will retain its normal five-day business week operations.
  • The Jefferson County Public Library system will continue its normal hours of operations. For details, see the Jefferson County Public Library website.
  • Coroner’s Office – To contact the coroner, please see the Coroner’s Office website.