Youth, Equine and Ag Working Group

On February 25, 2020, the Board of County Commissioners gave direction to staff to explore ways to preserve youth, equine and agricultural activities in Jefferson County.  

Staff immediately started working on putting together plans to create a community-based group of people interested in Jeffco’s youth, equine and agricultural activities. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 those plans were put on hold.  

As of June 2020, staff resumed efforts and have finalized plans regarding establishing, defining duties and responsibilities of the community-based working group. There was an application process followed, members selected and meetings began in October 2020.

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The YEA Working Group meet twice a month between October 2020 and April 2021. Subsequent meetings, including day and time, were decided on by the members.

The Working Group met with the Board of County Commissioners on April 14, 2021, to present their report and findings after seven months of work. You can review the final packet for that meeting and supplemental information:

Meeting Agenda and Minutes

October 7, 2020Oct. 7 AgendaOct. 7 Meeting Notes
October 21, 2020Oct. 21 AgendaOct. 21 Meeting Notes
November 4, 2020Nov. 4 AgendaNov. 4 Meeting Notes
November 18, 2020Nov. 18 AgendaNov. 18 Meeting Notes
December 2, 2020Dec. 2 AgendaDec. 2 Meeting Notes
December 16, 2020Dec. 16 AgendaDec. 16 Meeting Notes
December 30, 2020Dec. 30 AgendaDec. 30 Meeting Notes
January 13, 2021Jan. 13 AgendaJan. 13 Meeting Notes
January 27, 2021Jan. 27 AgendaJan. 27 Meeting Notes
February 10, 2021Feb. 10 AgendaFeb. 10 Meeting Notes
February 24, 2021Feb. 24 AgendaFeb. 24 Meeting Notes
March 10, 2021Mar. 10 AgendaMar. 10 Meeting Notes
March 17, 2021Mar. 17 AgendaMar. 17 Meeting Notes
March 24, 2021Mar. 24 AgendaMar. 24 Meeting Notes
March 31, 2021Mar. 31 AgendaMar. 31 Meeting Notes
April 7, 2021Apr. 7 AgendaApr. 7 Meeting Notes

If any members of the public would like to bring something for consideration to the Youth, Equine and Ag Working Group, please contact your community liaison and they will get it on the agenda. Please refer to the “Members” tab on this website.