COVID-19 Dial Status

Simplified Dial Level Blue

Simplified Dial: Effective April 16


JCPH issued a new public health order (PHO 21-001) to help guide the county through the recovery phase of the COVID-19 pandemic and into a full reopening. The local order is effective April 16, 2021 through August 15, 2021. 

Under the new PHO 21-001, there are two phases to reopening: 

  • Phase 1 – Moving Toward a Full Reopening (April 16-May 15): Businesses and individuals can operate under Dial 3.0’s Level Blue capacity limits and simplified mitigation requirements for 30 days. There will be no movement during this 30-day period. Review the order for specific mitigation requirements and capacity limits for businesses and activities. 
  • Phase 2 – Observation Period (May 16-August 15): Jefferson County, along with other Metro Denver counties, will move to a new Level on the Dial — Level Clear — which has no restrictions. In Level Clear, businesses will operate at 100 percent capacity with no mitigation requirements, although indoor mask requirements may still apply. During the observation period, rather than focusing on incidence rates or test positivity rates, JCPH will closely monitor hospitalizations, a health metric indicative of severity of COVID-19 infections. It is expected that by late May vaccination coverage should be sufficient to control COVID-19 transmission in Jeffco. However, if needed, JCPH can apply capacity limits based on hospitalization rates as described in the order. 

Guidance for Our Community

Everyone can take four steps to control the spread of COVID-19: 
  • Get vaccinated: Vaccination works very well, both to prevent disease and to decrease transmission.
  • Mask up: Masking remains one of the most effective measure to decrease transmission.
  • Socialize smarter: Indoor gatherings remain a major risk for COVID-19 transmission, particularly when masks are not worn consistently, like when eating and drinking. Keep indoor gatherings small and mask up if you’re with people who aren’t vaccinated yet.
  • Attend school safely: In-person learning from early childhood care centers through high school is feasible and safe with routine prevention measures including appropriate distancing, universal masking, ventilation and handwashing.
  • Learn more about how to Be COVID Smart.

Guidance for Businesses

For the next 30 days, all businesses in Jeffco should follow simplified Level Blue mitigation requirements and capacity limits. Refer to Appendix A in the Order for capacity limits for various businesses and activities. 

Mitigation requirements under Level Blue have been simplified to ensure consistency across industries and to limit requirements to only those that are most critical in reducing the spread of COVID-19. Requirements include:

Five-Star Certification Program

With PHO 21-001, the county’s Five-Star Certification Program for businesses is suspended. All businesses in Jefferson County, including those certified under the program, must operate under the simplified Level Blue capacity limits and mitigation requirements. If at any point Jeffco has to return to a higher Dial Level, Five-Star businesses would be permitted to operate at one level lower on the Dial.

Communications Toolkit for Businesses

Please use and/or adapt these tools to help communicate public health guidance to our community. The toolkit includes signage for your entrance, posters for employees, social media graphics and more.