Crash Analysis and Data

2020 Roadway Crash Analysis

A comprehensive evaluation of roadway and intersection crashes in unincorporated Jefferson County will be completed as part of the 2020 Safety Improvement Program. This analysis will assist Jefferson County Transportation and Engineering with recommending specific improvements to reduce the frequency and severity of crashes on county roadways.

Roadway crash analysis was also conducted in 2015. See 2015 Crash Analysis (PDF)

To obtain copies of individual crash reports in Jefferson County, contact Colorado State Patrol at 303-273-1616.

Interactive Crash Map

It is Jefferson County’s goal to reduce overall crashes in the county using available resources to make road safety improvements in locations where crashes are most frequent and severe. 

The interactive crash map was produced to visually display crash records in Jefferson County between 2011 and 2015. It does not provide analysis required to make road safety improvement decisions but allows users to explore data from available crash records from a location perspective.

Read more about the interactive crash map (PDF).

See the interactive crash map.

The county is in the process of geolocating 2016 - June 2019 crash data. This data will be added to the interactive crash map and made available for download on the ArcGIS hub when the geolocating project is complete.