Crash Analysis and Data

The goal of roadway safety in Jefferson County is to minimize crashes and resulting deaths and injuries on county roadways using all available tools, knowledge, and technology.

The process of identifying, evaluating, and planning safety improvements on public roadways begins with identifying where vehicular crashes have occurred. Jefferson County partners with DiExSys, a road safety analytics company, to quality control and geolocate crash data provided to the county in crash reports. Once this processing is complete, the data are used to identify crash patterns, to develop crash mitigation projects, to perform county-wide planning, and to identify behavioral patterns.

Roadway Crash Analysis

A comprehensive evaluation of roadway and intersection crashes in unincorporated Jefferson County was completed in 2021. This analysis assists Jefferson County Transportation and Engineering with recommending specific improvements to reduce the frequency and severity of crashes on county roadways.

See 2021 Jefferson County Roadway Safety Study. (PDF) (121.7 MB)

Jefferson County geolocated all crashes between 2011 and June 2019 for internal analyses. These data can be downloaded from the ArcGIS hub.

Read more about crash data (PDF).

Crash Reporting

To fill out an on-line crash report or obtain copies of individual crash reports within Jefferson County, please visit the Colorado State Patrol Crash Information Website.

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