Remote marriage license application

As a result of Governor Polis’s Executive Order D 2020 014, the Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder is temporarily issuing marriage licenses through application by mail and drop off at the Elections drive-through drop box at the Jefferson County Administration and Courts building (Taj).

Click here to download our marriage license checklist to help guide you through the process. This completed form must be returned as a cover sheet with your marriage application and other required documents.

Step 1: Complete the Application: Fill out the marriage application.  Even if you have filled out the application online previously, you will need to fill out the application form. The names on the marriage application should appear exactly as it is on the ID you provide.

Step 2: Print out the Application. Sign the application, each respective party sign on the Party One and Party Two lines.

Step 3: Identification: Make photocopies of your valid identification such as Driver’s License, Military ID, Passport, State Issued Identification, or Government Issued Foreign ID (accompanied by certified translation when applicable).

Step 4: Payment: Please write a check payable to Jefferson County Clerk for $30.00.

Step 5: Other Documentation: Social Security Affidavit is required for any party who does not have a social security number. A Judicial Order is needed if either party is age 16 or 17.

Step 6: Mail or Drop Documentation: Send required documentation and payment to:

  Jefferson County Clerk, 100 Jefferson County Pkwy #2560, Golden, CO 80419

  OR put in Elections drive-through drop box at the County building.

Step 7: County Processes Application: When we receive your application and required documents, we will mail the marriage license, information sheet and sample to the mailing address provided. If the form is incomplete, is missing documentation, or we need clarification we will contact you by phone.

Step 8: Sign the Marriage License: When you receive your marriage license in the mail, please review information sheet and sample to ensure proper completion of license. Once completed, please use the provided green envelope to either mail back or drop off at County location to be recorded. After recordation the original marriage license will be returned to you.