County Regulation

The Jefferson County Animal Control and Licensing Regulation prohibits a dog from disturbing the peace of any other person by loud, habitual and persistent barking, howling, yelping, whining, whether the dog is on or off the dog owner's premises. Violation of this provision could result in a penalty assessment which ranges from $50 to $1,000 and / or a court appearance.

How to Report Problem Barking

Animal Control recommends talking face to face with the dog's owner as a first step. We offer a Problem Barking Brochure (PDF) as a guide for dog owners that might be of assistance. If all of this is unsuccessful, you may call 303-271-5070, ext. 0 and file a formal complaint.

Depending on what prior contacts we have with the dog owner, we can either mail a letter, post an official warning notice, or have you sign a complaint so we can issue a summons and assess a fine. For us to issue a summons, we must have two signed complaints from separate households in the area.

To file a complaint we need your name, address and phone number and the address of the owner of the barking dog.

We need a description of the dog(s) and the most recent date and duration of time that you were disturbed.

We also need you to describe how you know the barking is coming from the address you have identified, i.e. you can see the dogs barking from your window, you have followed the barking to the source, etc.

Animal Control does not take action on anonymous complaints.

Mediation Services

If you have a dog-barking problem in your neighborhood, Mediation Services  may be an option.