Emergency Assistance COVID-19

With remaining Emergency Rental Assistance funds, Jefferson County is piloting a new program to assist households at risk of evictions.


  • Action Center: 303-237-7704
  • Family Tree: 303-467-2604 


For households in need of Rental Assistance, there are two access points.

  • Households can call partners listed above for Eviction Prevention Assistance if they have a Demand for Payment. Partners will perform a screening to determine eligibility and access to resources.
  • Jefferson County will staff courthouse Tuesday through Thursday (at specific times) and will complete Eviction Prevention Questionnaire to determine eligibility with households in-person. Staff at the courthouse will complete eligibility screening on-site for households that are filling an answer at the courthouse. Staff will confirm eligibility after completing initial screening. A few of the eligibility factors include:
  1. A household has not used 18 months of ERAP assistance.
  2. Households are under 50% AMI for Jefferson County.
  3. Households must have current eviction notice and/or court date.
  4. Household must have a current lease/rental unit.
  5. A household’s landlord/property management company must work with the program.
  • Household rental assistance will be limited to due funding.