Emergency Assistance COVID-19

In this time of national emergency, if you need assistance with food, rent, or paying other bills, we can help. The level of assistance is based on your household’s situation, considering program limitations and guidelines.

If you need cash assistance and meet the following criteria, visit PEAK and submit an application for cash assistance. 

  • Annual income of $75,000 or less
  • Pregnant OR have child(ren) in your home under the age of 18.
  • Lawfully present in the United States
  • Jefferson County resident

If you or your family needs assistance with food or other bills, apply for Emergency Assistance below. 


To apply for these funds, complete the application here, and be sure to submit the application and the documents listed below by following the secure submission instructions below. Please be aware requests will be processed via electronic means only. Email address must be provided to complete the request. Please note that your request must include all of the information below to be considered.

  • Completed Emergency Assistance Application
  • Proof of Identification (Driver’s license- picture of Driver’s License may also be accepted)
  • Proof of Jeffco residency (copy of mail with applicant’s name and address)
  • Proof of income
  • How was household impacted by COVID-19 (be specific; loss of job, reduced work hours, etc.)
  • Proof of need

Application Instructions

To Apply:

  1. Click this link to send the application back via secure email submissionSecure Email Screen Opens in new window
    1. Enter your email address in the From box and type your email
    2. Attach the application by clicking on Add Attachment
    3. Enter the characters on the screen for security
    4. Click Send
  2. Note that if the worker needs to respond to you they will be sending you a secure email with their reply. This is an effort to protect your information in this process.