Roadside Memorial Signs

Immediate family members of victims of fatal crashes, which occurred on Jefferson County roadways after May 20, 2004, may apply for Roadside Memorial Signs in memory of the victims. 

A sponsor may apply for the Roadside Memorial Sign with written consent from a member of the victim’s immediate family. 

The county will fabricate, install, and maintain the sign for at least six years, at no cost to the victim’s family or sponsor. When the sign is removed, it will be donated to the victim’s family or sponsor. 

The final placement of the Roadside Memorial Sign will be determined by Jefferson County, so as not to conflict with other traffic signs / devices. 

Memorial signs will not be erected for deceased drivers involved in fatal crashes whose toxicology reports show a violation of Colorado Driving Under the Influence (DUI) laws without written consent from any other victim(s) or their immediate families. 

Signs can be selected from one of the following: Sign selections: please drive safely, don't drink and drive, please ride safely, please buckle up

Each sign will be accompanied by an IN MEMORY OF sign. A maximum of three names may be placed on a sign.Image of example In Memory Of sign.

To determine if the crash occurred on a county-maintained roadway, please search for the location using the Jefferson County Interactive Mapping Application. In the upper right corner, click on the layers icon to open the Layers list. Scroll down the list to the "Road and Bridge" and turn on that layer by clicking in the box. Paved, county-maintained roadways will be highlighted in blue. To check if you are within city boundaries, scroll down the list to "City and County Boundaries" layer. Expand it by clicking the small arrow. Turn on the “City” layer by clicking in the box.

If the crash occurred on a state highway, it may qualify for the Colorado Department of Transportation Roadside Memorial Sign Program. If the crash occurred within a city, please contact that city to determine if it has a Roadside Memorial Sign program.

Complete and submit the online Roadside Memorial Sign Application to request a memorial sign from Jefferson County.

Documents to have available to upload with the form, if applicable, are:

  • Crash Report (if you have a copy)
  • Written consent from any other victim(s) or their immediate families for a DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE sign
  • Written consent from the victim's immediate family member if you are a sponsor.

The document must show the family member's relationship to the victim(s), name the applicant / sponsor as an authorized representative, and indicate who should be contacted when the sign is removed.